My first stab at the art fair circuit / by John Sabatier

This past weekend I had my first shot at showing my work at one of the largest art festivals in South Florida, The Carnival on the Mile. It’s a two day event with other artist and a few concerts going on. I had mixed emotions going into this weekend, I was unsure of how the public would rereact to my art and if I was ready enough to show the world. Like a fellow photographer told me “ It’s like dropping your pants and showing the world your junk.”  That Friday night I did not sleep well, I guess those butterflies were swarming around.

Saturday morning came around and my wife and I loaded the car with the artwork and headed out. Once we found the tent location, I saw that the inner walls were not built up, mind you, this is the first time I do such an event. I was mad at the organizers but I couldn’t let this deter me. So I buckled up and between my wife and I we built the walls. As my family came they too jumped in and began to hang the art work. We were done by 8:30 A.M.  and it was go time.

As people came by they saw my work and were taken in awe, a lot of the show goers walked in and browsed my work they all gave great compliments. Long days in the sun and talking about my art took a toll on the body. But, I really enjoyed myself doing this. To some of the show goers were impressed that this was my first time doing an art show. So now I guess I got bit by the art show bug and I am planning on the art show circuit for 2019. Stick around and stay tuned. For now i’m Finishing up on the house and heading north to my new home of Charleston S.C. 

My booth all set up for the show

My booth all set up for the show


Busy day with the crowd.